Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Artist Erica Resnick submitted her piece 'Come" and I was inspired to create a new poem inspired by this piece for the "Ekphrasis" exhibit.

Erica Resnick
Mixed Media 

24” x 24”

Artwork copyright Erica Resnick. Image may not be used without the permission of the artist.


I’ve travelled through the shades of red —
the pink of birth and the blush of adolescence.
The candy of passion, the rose of love
and the scarlet stench of loss.

I’ve swayed with the blues all of my life —
the electric coolness of cobalt. The back and forth
mania of indigo calming itself down to an azure
and finally finding peace in the tranquility of periwinkle.

The yellows have always energized me — 
they feed me the sun and keep me smiling. I have gone
one on one with butterscotch but can sometimes be a whole 
grain mustard. I am part sour lemon part sappy honey. But all golden. 

The greens have always been a challenge — I’ve protested 
the army and hunters. Chopped the basils and mints. 
My toes have been tickled by moss and my senses
titillated by chartreuse. The greens have been friend and foe. 

But these days the colors are beginning to blend and create new hues. 
My footprints have oxidized into a mixture of vibrancy and grey. 
Darker patches streaking and stroking beckon me to come. 
But they took that away from me. I can’t anymore. 

— Robert P. Langdon

Poem inspired by the artwork Come

Poem copyright Robert P. Langdon may not be used, in any part, without permission of Robert P. Langdon

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