Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blinded By the Light

I wrote this poem inspired by artist Luis Alves' pice titled "Blinded By the Light."

“Blinded By the Light”
Handmade Collage
36” x 24”

Artwork copyright Luis Alves and may not be used without the permission of the artist.

Blinded By the Light

Hold my hand 
and we will make it through this world
of vivid colors
shadowed eyes 
and caterpillar lashes.

This world that they want 
us to join
of questioning morals
renegade artists
and wastely ways.

Stick with me 
as we start our journey
but be aware. For they are out 
to hook you with their promises 
of democracy, freedom, and bikinis. 

Keep your feet grounded and face covered
and do not expose your self.
For we will finish this passage
that our forefathers foretold. 
And we will remain golden.

— Robert P. Langdon

poem copyright Robert P. Langdon. Poem may not be used, in any part, without permission of Robert P. Langdon

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