Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reading in Rutherford, September 3, 2014

I'm very pleased to announce that I will be reading my poem, "The Greek and the Outcast" tomorrow night (9/3) at Williams Center for the Arts in Rutherford. The poem was accepted for publication in The Red Wheel Barrow #7. The event is a release party and will feature various poets included in the issue. Please join me for an evening of creative words. ALL are welcome.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


My book THE CANDIED ROAD AHEAD: POEMS & STORIES is now available for Kindle. Just look it up in your Kindle store and voila.....you'll be able to take my words wherever you go. Of course it's also available in paper format too through Amazon for those who prefer to still feel the page

What readers are saying about THE CANDIED ROAD AHEAD:

"Robert Langdon's small volume of poetry and prose packs in a lot of life. Langdon delivers it, sometimes fearlessly and sometimes poignantly, with stunning and visually engaging momentum. It's a collection you'll keep at hand and read again and again."

"The Candied Road Ahead" allows the reader to delve into the author's world. A world where growing up catholic, gay, submerged in pop culture and the 80's is everything. Life, death, discovery, sexuality all play an integral role in this author's journey. A definite bed side table book that continues to provide one piece after another of wit, humor and raw sadness. You will feel like the copilot on this intimate road trip."

"Robert Langdon's writing feels so honest. Laying everything out on the table. It is that truth that makes this collection so irresistible. It is so easy to find yourself drawn into the writer's world and finding bits of your own there also."

"This inspiring poet offers a real, poignant view of life. A must read. Heartfelt, funny, tender and contemporary. I loved every minute of this book. Sometimes you will laugh, cry, sigh and just simply understand."

"What a ride! This book is so poignant, heartfelt and intense in its description of life and all the roads it may lead. This is a must read. You will be overwhelmed with emotion, memories of or flashbacks of your youth as each character reaches out and grabs you by the heart strings!"

"The Candied Road Ahead is a one-of-a-kind book that comes to life on each page. Yes, that sounds cliche, but many of the poems and tales draw you in. It has a real range of feeling and emotion masterfully written by Mr. Langdon. The book's descriptiveness clearly draws from the author's childhood and experiences- not to mention his raw emotions, which are deep and contemplative to downright humorous! Any fan of modern poetry, or good writing in general, will enjoy this read. Excellent job, Mr. Langdon."